About the GC Store

We all want better Mental, Emotional and Physical well being for ourselves and family and the GC Store is here to help.

The GC Stores primary goal is to provide customers with healthy options that support (boosts) the Immune System, Promote Digestive Health and Improve/Balance Gut Flora.

Hope You Enjoy!

The products featured on the GC Store are products used by the GC Store family.

There are many different blends, package sizes and quantities to choose from.

The GC Store provides wholesale pricing to Retail shops and Bakeries and introduces/offers new products to the US market.

The GC Store aids in setting up private labels for small start-ups and retail stores and is here to help if we can.

The GC Store is not a manufacturer or supplier but we can usually get answers to most questions our customers have.

The GC Store primarily supports Retail Health Stores and Co-ops. We get to questions as quickly as we can. Due to C-19 the GC Store has been overwhelmed over the past months. The YumTum Yogurt Drinks and Nevoso milks / creamer blends are the only non-dairy/dairy milks/creamers that Boost the Immune System, Promote Digestive Health and Improve/Balance Gut Flora. Since the pandemic we have been inundated with questions.

Products listed on the GC Store can be used for nearly any dietary need, GAPS, LOD, IBS, IBD, Dysbiosis, Leaky Gut , Athletes, KETO, low-carb, Vegan, Paleo, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Diabetics, low-glycemic diet, SLOP-free, Galactosemia, ADHD and children with Autism, Asthma and PKU. The GC Store Home

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All Products on the GC Store are Sugar Free made with FiberSweet Healthy Never Tasted Sweeter